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Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parties | Nicole Sherwin Events

We first worked with party planner Nicole Sherwin a few years back at a huge, honkin' Bat Mitzvah party at the Beverly Hills Hillcrest Country Club, complete with a mechanical bull, country line dancing--and a hip-hop DJ!

Now Nicole is offering her party planning services to stage "Green," events--Hollywood premieres, award shows, weddings, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties.
Why a "green" Mitzvah party you ask?
"This generation is the one that can effect change in the world, and when they start to take it seriously, the green movement really takes off," she tells us.
For the party, start with a hybrid Limo instead of a gas guzzlin' Hummer. Add decor that can be recycled, invitations written in vegetable ink and a fee that's on par with non-green events.
"Everyone thinks it will be more expensive, but it's not," she says. "I have amazing vendors."
Mitzvahs are about kids doing positive, pro-social things, and what better way to tie that in than with a green party?
"Now the kids can give back through the party, create a movement with green, and spread the message through to their friends," says Nicole, who can be reached at 310.871.1802 or