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Friday, January 29, 2010

Redondo Beach Bar Mitzvah | Jewish Community Center | Jacob

Jacob was called to the torah at the Redondo Beach Jewish Community Center Chabad this weekend. We actually took these shots on Thursday, as Jacob had a morning service, and doesn't allow photography on Shabbat.
But that's OK--we love the mid-week portrait sessions, as it gives us more time with our clients, in a non-pressurized atmosphere.
We love this shot of Jacob reading by the door, lit by natural daylight--as well as this beaut of a "generation to generation" shot--Mom, Grandma and Jacob.

Jacob's a great kid with an outgoing personality, and he really wanted to let loose and get wild during the portraits.

We made a deal--be serious inside, and then when afterwards, you can go absolutely crazy outside.

Which, of course, he really did. Taking advantage of the 8-frames-per-second feature on the new Canon 7D SLR, we told Jacob he could make as many funny faces as he wanted, and we'd capture them all.
Here are just a few of them.