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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Less Stress? Let a Party Planner take care of it.

Interesting article in the latest edition of the Jewish Journal about several things that could go wrong during a Bar/Bat Mitzvah event and how to avoid them.
Party planner Yvonne Wolf offers her take on why Bar/Bat Mitzvah moms and dads need some well-deserved help on the big night. The venue will rent you space and collect their fee, but they rarely help with the all-important details, like decorating the room and helping you find the best vendors.
The party planner pro is also on site to help avoid problems.
For instance, what do you do if the wrong appetizers are served? Or, worse, the venue runs out of food during the cocktail hour and your guests start to get really cranky? How do you handle an excessivly long line at the bar? Yvonne has solutions--read what she has to say in the Jewish Journal.
By the way, we worked with Yvonne at one of the all-time most memorable parties, a baseball themed (natch) affair for Drew at Dodger Stadium last year. You can reach Yvonne at 323.356.2698, or via e-mail at
Congrats Yvonne on the article!

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