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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Venice, California Bat Mitzvah | Mishkon Tephilo | Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah Photography
Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Mishkon Tephilo Bat Mitzvah | Venice, California Bat Mitzvah
Venice California Bat Mitzvah Photography | Mishkon Tephilo
Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah | Mishkon Tephilo | Venice
Mishkon Tephilo of Venice, California
Ever notice that temple right there on the bustling Venice, California Strand, a backdrop to cyclists, roller bladers, beach performers and throngs of beachgoers? It's Mishkon Tephilo, "Devotion by the Ocean" serving 200 families since the 1917, an eclectic group that "attracts people from every profession, including artists, writers, educators and intellectuals," says the Mishkon Website.
We were honored to be on hand for our first Bat Mitzvah at Mishkon recently, photographing Nora on the Bima a few days before the actual service. (Mishkon is a conservative temple, and thus, doesn't allow photography during the actual service.)
We were surprised by the enormity of Mishkon (you could fit five of our local CTJ temple in its cavernous sanctuary) but loved taking advantage of the many opportunities, including the streaming daylight from the big windows. That's Nora with Rabbi Dan Shevitz on the bima. He has been with the temple since 1996.